brokers incentive program

Emrani & Associates has cultivated a BROKER INCENTIVE BONUS PROGRAM which recognizes the importance of cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships with our trusted brokers. By partnering with Emrani & Associates, you have the incentive to increase your revenues. We have established a few more ways to monetize deal flow by forging a relationship with Emrani & Associates:
  • Bonus Fees: For “off-market opportunities” we will pay a bonus on syndicated transactions. 

  • Equity Participation: For value add opportunities, we will kindly give you the incentive to participate in the equity contribution by rolling your commissions into the deal.

  • Back-end Listings: If we buy from you, we sell with you. If we purchase a property from you, we give you an opportunity for an exclusive listing when we sell the property.​

Historically, we respond to off-market Opportunities within 24 hours of submission from our trusted broker network. We prefer off-market opportunities and welcome incentivizing our brokers who work so hard to cultivate these meaningful relationships with sellers of real property.